What are the Benefits of Installing a Suspended Ceiling?

What are the Benefits of Installing a Suspended Ceiling?

Everyone has undoubtedly dropped eyes on a suspended ceiling. Whether it’s schools, hospitals, and even industrial workplaces, suspended ceilings have become the order of the day in interior office design. Let’s dig deep into the advantages of installing a suspended ceiling.

What is a suspended ceiling?

Also known as a drop ceiling, a suspended ceiling is usually fixed below the actual ceiling to add looks and functionality to the interior office space. The ceiling is usually held by a metal framework suspended from the main ceiling.

Benefits of Installing a Suspended Ceiling

From the easy installation work involved, to an excellent illumination of the office space, here are the standing out benefits of installing a suspended ceiling.

Easy to Install

If you are a homeowner and want a great DIY project for the afternoon, consider installing a suspended ceiling.  Other than repairing your old ceiling because it’s worn out, why not install a suspended ceiling to cover the flaws? You will also cut down repair costs.

Easily Hides Existing Infrastructure

Before you think of scraping off your main ceiling to cover the exposed pipes and cables, a great way might be installing a suspended ceiling. While the suspended ceiling will lower the ceiling height by a small amount, it will cover existing flaws in your main ceiling.

What are the Benefits of Installing a Suspended Ceiling?

Easy to Take Off During Renovation

When it comes to renovation and upgrading of infrastructure above the ceiling, suspended ceiling tiles will give you an easy time to get the job done. Unlike traditional ceilings where demolition of a large part is needed, a single tile can be removed to expose electric cables for easy fixing.

Moisture and Mould Resistant

If you live in an area prone to high humidity levels,  an acoustic suspended ceiling is all you need to keep away moisture and mold. The materials used to make the acoustic ceilings are resistant to moisture and mold. This will also help you cut down on maintenance costs.


If you crave a home without external noise pollution, then a suspended ceiling is what you need installed. The ceilings have acoustic properties that help absorb sound, making the interiors quieter. If you have a stereo sound system installed, you will find the suspended ceilings valuable in focusing the sound.


When we least expect them to, fires strike homes, but having an overhead suspended ceiling in your office interior design could be a lifesaver. Commercial office fit out designs with fireproof suspended ceilings will give a window of up to an hour to secure and evacuate valuables. For increased protection, additional fire barriers can be installed above the ceiling.

Rolling the Ball to You

Office interior design and renovation usually involve making critical decisions and weighing between options to find out what works for you. 

Acoustic suspended ceilings have proven adequate functionality in recent day office construction, and it’s worth giving a try. What is more, is that you have a range of designs and colors to choose from. Go ahead and give your office a new feeling by installing a suspended ceiling.

Why Join A Rugby International Academy?

The Auckland Rugby International Academy are regarded as one of the best in New Zealand, it is a huge learning curve for all players. They learn all skills required to play the game at international level from the very first day. All levels of playing are covered. So no matter what your ability level, if you want to play at senior rugby, or at inter-code level or even for club sports the Auckland rugby academy can help you gain all the skills and knowledge you need.

As a student at any of the Auckland Rugby International Academy, you will learn all the basics of the sport including skills such as passing, kicking and grounding. In fact all the skills you need to know in order to make a living out on the rugby field can be taught here. During this stage, the players will learn about the physiology of the body and how it works, along with all the safety aspects. The physical aspect of the game is just not as important as the mental and physiological skills.

As you progress through the grades, you will see your skill levels improve considerably. At A&D levels you will see a big improvement in your passing, kicking and grounding skills. And not only that, you will have many other sporting and team applications. With so many opportunities, it is easy to see why so many young people love to be a part of the Auckland rugby family.

There are so many benefits associated with joining the Auckland rugby league team. The first and most obvious is the obvious benefits that come with being part of a competitive sporting group. There is always a pressure to perform well and win, which is natural in any sport. As, well as this you will meet and develop great friendships. It is always a welcoming place to go to learn and socialize. You will have access to a warm and friendly team atmosphere which is crucial to building a good game.

Another benefit is the development of your rugby skills. This will include both the physical aspect as well as the mental side of the game. This will be a fun and challenging environment where everyone can gather. As, well as this you will develop leadership qualities, self-confidence and teamwork. Being part of a thriving rugby league club is an experience that no individual should miss out on.

The next aspect of joining or developing the sport of rugby is the travel involved in the sport. If you are living in New Zealand then you are fortunate enough to live in an environment where the rugby league exists. This is a huge benefit to many New Zealanders as they are able to enjoy this fantastic sport whenever they wish. The travel involved is minimal and actually enjoyable for many. If you are not a New Zealand rugby player then you will still be able to participate in this very entertaining sport. There are many different levels of involvement in this sport from the incredibly dedicated, who play for the All Blacks and even the less-committed players who simply love the sport.

In order to be successful in this sport you must be dedicated and focused. This means following your coach’s instructions religiously as they are set out on paper. Having a proper training regime in place is vital as there are many different types of training available. Some of these include fitness work, skill work, speed and strength training and of course rugby specific drills.

Being involved in a rugby international academy is another great opportunity. These are opportunities available to anyone who has what it takes to be successful in the sport. The cost of this rugby academy is low and can easily be paid for with out having to leave your job or family. There are no limits on the skill level or age of the players. As well as this the only skill required is to enjoy the sport and work hard on every day.


Rugby Union – The Ultimate Auckland Breakthrough Sport

Rugby, more commonly known as rugby union, is an extremely well-known full-contact team sport originating in England in the mid 19th century. One of two codes of rugby, it relies on constantly moving with the ball on the ground by using both the feet and the head. This game has enjoyed enormous popularity in both the UK and internationally. It has come to represent a mixture of national and sporting pride.

The history of rugby can be traced back to the early days of English rugby when, in addition to the game of “football”, English rugby players also played “spear play” which was essentially a form of boxing. This originated from a need to protect their feet from injury, and the result was a game that had very similar rules and structure to boxing. With this foundation, rugby became what it is today.

The game of rugby has developed greatly since those early days. Today there are professional teams at both professional and university level in several countries. In addition to the professional game, the sport has developed into a very popular social activity, especially in countries where it is not widely regarded as a sport. Rugby can be played by individuals of all ages and abilities, even for those people not born with the physical requirements of playing rugby.

The game of rugby differs from football in many ways. Firstly, rugby relies on continuous movement of the ball rather than players continuously being on the ground. Secondly, rugby is played with three different teams (two forwards and two backs) rather than the traditional 15-a-side team sport. Finally, rugby relies on constant forward passing to maintain possession of the ball. Unlike football where the offensive team tries to score before the other team has possession of the ball, rugby continues to play until one team has control of the ball. This means that the rugby team that scores first is considered to be the winner.

Touch rugby is played with five tackles (including one forward pass). Each team must carry out their own set number of touches, including carrying, throwing and grounding the ball. Touch rugby is played using a standard ball; this differs from the type of ball used in football that is usually made from synthetic materials. Touch rugby is an exciting and rewarding sport which can provide a fun and interactive exercise that all children and young people should enjoy.

Touch rugby involves five phases of play. The rugby pitch has 12 vertical banks or lines which are divided by horizontal lines. The aim of the game is for the side that touches the end line first, to be the side that receives the next point from the other side. When a try is made, the try line is crossed with a tack which is either from the side making the tackle or the other side on auckland.

The rugby sevens game is played in three periods of fifteen minutes each, with three ten-minute halves. The rugby union is played in one of two sevens and is played with five players on each side. A scrum will then commence after the two ten minute halves have ended. The scrum allows both teams to line up in their positions prior to the ball being snapped. No player may participate in the scrum with their hands, arms or head.

After the ball is snapped, the referee will order a restart with two minutes of play time left in the game. After the restart, the teams will line up again with their bases covered with rugby balls. It is now the duty of the players playing in the sevens to throw the rugby balls into the opponents goal line. When a player makes a successful pass they will receive one point while a miss will result in them losing one point and their team will lose one point.

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Tips for a Successful Office Renovation Process

Tips for a Successful Office Renovation Process

Listening to your employees, you might notice that your commercial office space doesn’t excite them like the first day. This might as well lower your productivity and drive away customers. 

Retaking control of the space and making a small paradise out of it means a commercial office renovation process, which can be daunting if you do not have the tips to make it through.

We strongly think it is high time to renovate your commercial office fit-out, and to help you through the process, here are tips for a successful office interior renovation.

Know Why You are Renovating

Knowing the objectives of your renovation will guide you through the whole process seamlessly. Before embarking on the process, ask yourself why you are doing the renovations and if they are necessary.

It is also good to know what are your employees’ take on the renovations and if they have ideas to make your office fit out more compelling.

Do it as a Team

Office interior design and renovation is intricate, and you might need to make decisions that may affect others. Taking a team approach on the matter shows unity and ensures everyone is included in making critical decisions.

Get Expert Hands

While you might prefer to handle commercial office fit-out renovation by yourself, getting guidance from experienced players in the field is invaluable. 

Their exposure and experience with similar projects will help you navigate the whole process with ease while avoiding potential mistakes even before they happen.

You might need to check for reviews and recommendations for a better sense of quality before settling on the best office interior design and renovation company.

Tips for a Successful Office Renovation Process

Take Safety Into Account

When thinking of your office renovation, the safety of your employees should be taken into consideration. Whether it is during the renovation process or after the new design, anything less than assured safety for your employees should be kicked out of plan. 

Know What You Can Save on the Budget

When renovating your office space, you don’t have to sweep everything out and come in with everything new. In your existing model, find out what is still in good shape and can be reused with the incoming plan. This will help you save on budget and minimize waste.

Enhance the Capture-Eye Effect

In-office renovation, when taking care of the interiors, the front yard should not be sidelined. The front yard is a welcoming mat and gives a first impression to first-time visitors. Consider giving a fresh breath to your front yard using flowers and plants to let people know you are up to date.

Create a Renovation Schedule

Office interior design and renovation can bring your operations to a standstill if careful scheduling is not done. Bring everyone on board and devise a realistic schedule that will minimize interruptions to your workforce. 

You might want to tackle the project in phases, focusing on what is most important and leaving smaller chunks for later.

Have the End in Mind

You won’t be in the same office space forever, and thinking about when you will be leaving isn’t an offense. As much as renovation is aimed at bettering your space to suit your needs, improving the property’s value during renovation is a potential spot to tap a buyer when you are leaving.


Commercial office renovation is a demanding task that weighs many down. Fortunately, you now have expert tips for a successful office renovation process.

Have a great time giving your commercial office a new look!